Graduation Ceremony

4 November, 2018

Students of the school of mechanical engineering, which all are among the elites of the country, were gathered together after 4 tough years of learning at the highest country’s level of engineering to celebrate completing this challenging path at the college of engineering. They also made a memorable day by remembering the days they had spent together with all its sweet and bitter memories.

The students also took photographs with professors and authorities of the school while wearing graduation robes and had a memorable day with their friends.

Some of the professors of the school such as Dr. Soltani (head), Dr. Shariat Panahi (educational assistant), Dr. Shaghaghi (one of the most experienced professors), Dr. Rahimian, Dr. Yousefi Koma, Dr. Karimpour and Dr. Bahrami also participated among students in their happiness.

Finally, students ended the memorable day by taking a group photo in front of the University of Tehran main entrance located at the Enghelab street.