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Maryam Mahnama

  • Computational Nano Mechanics
  • Computational Solid Mechanics
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
School of Mechanical Engineering (old building)

Academic Path

Sharif University of Technology
Sharif University of Technology
Sharif University of Technology


  • Engineering Math
  • Strength of Materials I
  • Strength of Materials II
  • Applied Finite Element
  • Computational Nano Mechanics
  • Atomistic Simulations of Materials in Nano Scale
  • Experimental Modal Analysis

Featured Articles

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  • A Sazgar, MR Movahhedy, M Mahnama, S Sohrabpour, "A molecular dynamics study of bond strength and interface conditions in the Al/Al2O3 metal–ceramic composites", Computational Materials Science, 2016, 109, 200-208
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