Scientific association of school of mechanical engineering has acquired two titles: “the best scientific association of country” and “the best scientific association of country in educational activities”, competing 700 scientific associations, in the eighth national festival of Harkat.

Annual national festival of Harkat assesses scientific association’s activities in different fields in order to make student scientific associations closer to each other and to provide a background of conferment to level up their activities. Engineering associations compete in different fields such as education, research, press, inventions, innovation, entrepreneurship and etc. in two levels of university and nation. Also the most important prize of the festival “the best scientific association” is given annually to the best scientific university and country association which has been working on all fields with a wonderful performance.

In addition, SAME won three titles: “the best scientific association of the university of Tehran”, “the best scientific association in educational activities” and “the most innovative scientific association” in the eighth national festival of Harkat in the level of the university. It has to be said that this is the first time that one association wins more than a national title in a single festival, also winning 5 titles in the aggregate of two levels for the first time in the University of Tehran.

The University of Tehran in this year’s national festival of Harkat hosted by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad also won three titles (which two of them are for SAME), and three citations which shows its remarkable performance compared to other universities in the country.

Board of directors, academic staff, and students of the school  of mechanical engineering of the University of Tehran congratulate these achievements that are signs of diligence and hardworking of members of this scientific association and wish the best for these diligent students.