Professor Karen Abrinia has been appointed as the head of School of Mechanical Engineering. He did his undergraduate studies at City University of London, and got his MSc and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Manchester, England. After returning from England, he started teaching at the University of Tehran. Meanwhile, he was the head of the manufacturing engineering group, the director of Gazelle solar car, a member of the editorial board of the scientific and research journals in mechanics, aerospace and applied and computational research in mechanical engineering.

His executive record can be referred to the general director of the Office of Research Affairs of the Ministry of Science, educational assistant of Chabahar international university, Head of the Expert Committee for Standardization of steel pressed parts, head of the computer center of the college of engineering of University of Tehran, general director of non-profit higher education at the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology, educational deputy’s advisor of Ministry of Science, Research & Technology and chief editor of the JCARME International Journal. Iranian solar car, gazelle 1, under the supervision of Dr. Abrinia won the second rank as a research and development project in the 20th Kharazmi International Festival.  From industrial projects under the supervision of Dr. Abrinia, we can mention the construction of Bakelite parts, fatigue analysis of drive shaft of Peugeot 405 and estimating its lifetime, forging gas turbine blades, extruding copper coated aluminum bus bar and design and production of Iranian Gazelle solar cars 1, 2 , 3 , 4 and the electric car, Arvin.  Activities related to electric and solar cars currently has been organized at the Design and Construction Center of Iranian Gazelle solar car. Now, more than 40 students of School of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design School of the University of Tehran are working at the center with faculty members.Dr. Abrinia’s patents include the design and construction of a solar VTOL, the reversible hydrostatic extrusion process, and a solar-powered tractor.His specialties are in design and manufacturing, metal forming (extrusion), analysis and simulation of metal forming processes and mold designing. He has also been named for two international patents (US-Patent). We, as the great family of the School of Mechanical Engineering, congratulate this appointment and wish him lots of success.