The SNE is a multi-disciplinary research center that serves the industry in the advancement of surface nano-engineering. At the SNE Research Center, we are working towards developing high-end surfaces, with required properties for practical applications, using state-of-the-art surface nano-engineering techniques.

The research currently being conducted at SNE can be divided into following categories:

  • Surface Thermodynamics
  • Evaporation Reduction

Surface Thermodynamics

Our primary focus at the Surface Thermodynamics Lab is studying the fundamentals of surface thermodynamics, and wetting behavior. Interactions between liquids and solids are typically characterized by the contact angle that a liquid drop makes on the solid surface. We change the surface wetting by changing the surface chemistry and roughness through mimicking the hierarchical surface morphology of the lotus leaf.

We can obtain the following desirable surfaces, pending on the applications: Low friction surfaces with application in airfoils, hydrofoils, and pump blades; Anti-icing with application in satellite dishes, and airplane wings; Anti-corrosion with application in Oil and gas industry, metal structures, and ships.

Evaporation Reduction

At the Evaporation Suppression Lab. we are working on estimating and suppressing the evaporation from dams’ reservoirs. Stationary waters of dams’ reservoirs are highly prone to evaporation. Having more than 640 dams in Iran, and water scarcity issue, we are working on (1) estimating the evaporation rate using GIS technology and satellite images and (2) suppressing the evaporation rate using monolayers.

The developed powder at the Evaporation Suppression Lab., evaporation suppressive monolayer cover (ESMC), forms a monolayer on the water surface and decreases the evaporation rate by up to 60% with no harmful effect on water quality. This powder is designed by modification of the natural microlayers.

The project currently being conducted at SNE in this area are as following, click on them to get more information.