Ashkan Irannezhad

Ashkan Irannezhad


MSc, Mechanical Engineering






Ashkan Irannezhad, holding Msc from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) and BSc from University of Tehran, is one of first SNE’s members and leader of numerical simulation team. Through all years as a researcher and a leader, Ashkan has been exposed to many challenging projects on fluid mechanics and Micro/Nano-structured surfaces. Among them are: Enhancing Lift to Drag Ratio of Hydrofoils Using Optimum Piecewise Surface Wettability Change, Designing and Implementation of Fluid Droplet Contact Angle Goniometer, Modeling and Detecting Effect of Slip Length on Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces. Now, he is in charge of researching and developing new laboratory setups and devices related to Nano-engineering science.



Group Members

  • Nima Hagh Shenas (PhD)
  • Ali Shahsavari (PhD)
  • Ali Ghanavati (MSc)
  • Hadi Sotoude (MSc)
  • Roghaye Gharib (MSc)
  • Ali Shomali (MSc)
  • Milad Rafati (MSc)
  • Aidin Javadi (MSc)
  • Kamyar Behrouzi (MSc)
  • Zahra Khodabakhshi (MSc)
  • Nastaran Momtaheni (BSc)
  • Mohammad Ali Nobakhti (BSc)