Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, headed by Dr. Haeri Yazdi, a faculty member at School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, at the end of this summer made a bilateral cooperation agreement at the headquarter of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London.

The purpose of this contract is to create a platform for further cooperation between the two associations on the introduction of mechanical engineering, holding conferences and joint training courses.

As Dr. Haeri Yazdi said, at the time of the contract, according to the historical record of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as the first mechanical engineering association in the world and also that Iran is the third country in training of engineers after the US and Russia, this cooperation should have happened earlier.

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The experience of the two courses of this joint program reflects the students ‘ability to fully satisfy the host company and, at the same time, the students’ satisfaction with this new method of an internship.

The Advanced Light Alloy Technology Research Center at College of Engineering, University of Tehran, has been prepared to hold similar courses in light industrial companies related to light alloys in the country and is aiming to organize internships with the participation of other active companies in this field. In this “super-internship”, students were trained for one month by traveling to different cities and operating in industries associated with the industry. They gained unique engineering experiences and simultaneously completed complementary engineering skills, including teamwork, accountability, the ability to solve the problems, thinking out of the box and preparing for effective services to the country.

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