Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and most fundamental branches of engineering sciences and has played a major role in development of new tools, structures and innovations and expanded the understanding of humans about their surroundings. Mechanics goes back to early times of human history, and civilizations of China, Persia, Greek and Egypt greatly contributed to this field. In next centuries, European scientists such as Newton and Galileo developed the mathematical foundations of Mechanics and meanwhile the industrial revolution in the Europe Mechanical Engineering emerged as a major in Universities. Mechanical Engineering is a dynamically evolving discipline. The fundamental aspects of a Mechanical Engineering education, including hands-on experience designing and building solutions to challenging problems, remain unchanged, but the areas of application are diverse and important.

After the foundation of the University of Tehran in 1934, the Engineering College as one of the six colleges of the University was founded by great endeavors of Professor Hesabi. The college was firstly located at the second floor of Dar ul-funun school. In the same year, among 100 graduate students of high schools, 40 students were admitted in civil, mechanical, electrical and mining engineering by an entrance exam.


School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tehran